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On the box its only written “Twin Lenses Reflex Camera (TLR). No brand or trademark. But many people called it Recesky. Dont ask me why?.

I always love to see TLR by its appereance or design. Classic. And before i know about Recesky, actually i want to buy Holga TLR. Then why do i choose Recesky?. Its only because Recesky comes in Do It Yourself Camera. Yes, i love to assembling stuff by self. Just like my previous post about shoes, i buy that shoes because “DIY” theme. Im so excited about this.


There is six colors option for Recesky. I choose red (because the seller only have red and black). Its written need one hour with knife or scissor to assembly the camera. In fact, for newbie like me it need more than one hour. And i get more difficult because the manual book written in China (i dont understand) and its printed not well, the pictures is not clear. It can be harm my eyes. So i search the manual on internet. Its really help me a lot.


Beside the manual book, The TLR Camera comes in package with screwdriver. But i think its better to use magnetic screwdriver.


You must be carefully when assembling this Recesky, its made from plastic so dont push it too hard or you may broke it. I did broke a part from viewfinder cover, but its not a big deal because its no effect to main function.
And the most important is the shutter, make sure the shutter work before you screwing all part.

And finally after an excited carefully work, i finished the camera assembling. 😀 Yay!. Cant wait to take the hip shoot and processing it.

I dont know if this camera is a fake one from other brand or no. But if its fake, so i finally found a good fake things from China. I love it. Heheee… 😀

Well, we can’t live without (made in) China right?. Though my stupidphones is USA brand but it assembled in China. :s

Notes: i dont know what “SJ” in viewfinder front cover mean.